Melamine Closets

Anthony’s Closets, Shower Doors and More believe that each closet is unique. There are many ways and custom options we can provide to achieve the closet you’ve always wanted for your home. While closetsmade of hard wood material had been part of every American home, our melamine closets are tested to be very durable, economical and designed to perfection.

Our melamine closets are made from multiple layers of industrial-grade, high-density fiberboard and saturated resin as a skin to the outer layer. This is to prevent moisture and protect the fiberboard from scratch and insects. The resin and the fiberboard are fused thermally to prevent the resin from peeling off. Our designs vary from wood grain patters to different colors of your choice. We use a three-quarter inch thick fiberboard material for added durability. We make sure our melamine closet systems are built to last and for the next generation to appreciate.

Our business is more than just installation of the best custom closets. It is built with the best craftsmanship.

Melamine closets are very attractive and considerably cheaper than hard wood closets. This is the perfect choice for people who want their walk-in closet to be minimalistic or harmonious in color. Most homeowners nowadays prefer melamine coated furniture and closets as it brings beauty to their home without compromising durability and cost. These are perfect to use in home offices, personal library or bookcases, your workshop or any part of your home.

Our custom design for melamine closets are made exclusively in our custom workshop. As shown in theproduct gallery, most of our melamine closets are made and designed to exactly fit the space availability and dimensions of our client’s closets. We offer free consultation by simply clicking the link below!

It’s your time to revitalize your closet with our wide array of closet products that fit your needs.