Closet Organizer
Your 2016 is likely in full swing, back to work and life after a long holiday break.  It is a strong hope that you and your closet have stayed in tip top shape to this point.  It is time to give the last few new year’s tips on helping keep your custom closet cabinets clean – something many struggle with on a regular basis.  Three more tips are coming, so read on!

  1. See what is there – Except for seasonal wear which you should have marked and stored, you should be able to see everything in your closet at all times. I can see my jeans and casuals, all work clothes, basic shirts and tops. My partner can see ties, shoes, accessories with the same ease.  Good clothes are like fine art and should be displayed on a regular basis with pride.  Do it!
  1. Make a place and keep that place – The point above, and one that has been hammered home in all of the blogs, is keep things were they are at all times. Those who have overhauled a closet or had a serious remodel know the importance of doing this. You need room for everything, everytime.  If you are running out of room and have to stack, purge by the tips in a previous blog.  This will save you precious time in the early morning while getting ready for work.
  1. Quality not quantity – This is true for anything, and a closet is no different. Staying aware of what you have at all times means a wardrobe that you can be proud to own. It shows you what you wear and don’t wear on a regular basis.  Your particular style reflects who you are, and it should be an evolving element of your life.  Old clothes need to go, period, for new.

At one point you made the transition from student to adult, and your wardrobe had to change with that fact.  Some will cling tenaciously to those old t-shirts, comfortable jeans and the like no matter what, and this only leads to clutter.  Who you were in college is not who you are now, and if you are adding a spouse and family, the difference is even greater.  A solid purge does more than just your closet, it is a chance to renew and rediscover who you are, so embrace it!

We at Anthony’s Closets Shower Doors and More want to be a more than just a part of your New Year’s Resolutions.  If there is something we can help you with, do let us know.  Our best to you and your New Year!