Garage Flooring
A lot of people think an epoxy garage floor needs to be redone every 2-3 years. If the floor is done with a kit from a big box store and the surface isn’t prepared just right, that’s probably the case.

When done right with top quality materials, a good garage floor can last more than a decade.

Professionals use better materials than what is sold in do-it-yourself kits. The materials are more durable, more chip and fade-resistant and thicker. When applied by an experienced company, the surface also bonds to the concrete very tightly.

The work starts with prep. The floor has to be completely stripped. No oil, grease or chemicals left on the concrete. Then the pores need to be opened. This allows the epoxy to penetrate into the concrete that delivers a superior hold.

Once the floor is down, professionals lay down a sealant. This is something you won’t find in the big box store DIY kits. DIY kits are often not much more than reinforced latex or enamel paints with some flakes for color.

The materials the pros use are the same things laid down in fire department engine bays and trucking facilities. Those floors have to stand up to some serious abuse, so you know your garage floor will last when a pro puts it down.

The combination provides a surface that stands up to oil, transmission fluid, grease and anti-freeze. Simply mop up the spill and go back to work.  It won’t chip and peel like paint.

One of the greatest things you get when a pro does your garage floor is peace of mind. A workman’s guarantee and years of experience let you rest easy know the work will be done right.

If you are interested in a quality and long-lasting garage floor, Anthony’s Closets is ready to give you an estimate and pattern ideas. Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to come over with an estimate. Contact us here.