Customize Mirror
Add some life to your bathroom with custom bathroom fixtures.

You could go to one of the big box hardware and home furnishing stores and get something from a box or you could get something that unique, personal and makes your bathroom feel like it is supposed to be part of your home.

The first thing to look at is storage. How are towels, soap, makeup, hair care and so forth kept handy but out of the way at the same time? Custom closets and drawers can be designed to store hair care items that get hot and need electricity to operate.

To start, a molded holder for a hair dryer, curling iron and so forth will let you put these items away when still hot. Plenty of space in the drawer and the heat resistant holder keep things handy but out of the way when not used. The back of the drawer can be wired with plugs for the hair care devices so you are not searching for the outlet or trying to run cords across the sink or counter.

Electrical outlets can be placed where you need and want them. In addition to the drawers, outlets can be next to the light switch or on another wall. The outlets just need to be far away enough from the sink, or protected, so that they can’t get water splashed on them.

Towel holders can also reflect the rest of your house. If it’s a beach house, use boat cleats. In a mountain house, use antlers either natural or resin. Antlers are shed naturally every year by deer, elk and moose so using sheds, as they are called, does no harm to the animal.

A small shelf can go under the main mirror. If there is room, a series of holders and hooks can run up each side. These can hold razors, toothbrushes and other small items.

Towel hooks can be mounted on a wall or the bathroom door. If the holder goes on a wall, a small shelf can be mounted above it.

Inside the shower, a corner rack will hold towels, loofahs, razors, soap, bath gels and shampoo and conditioner. This keeps these items right where you need them and off the floor.

Need more bathroom ideas? We’ve got them. If you’d like a professional consultation, drop us a line.