Garage Flooring
Anthony’s Closets Shower Doors and more has come up with a list of reasons you may need to reorganize your garage or get a custom garage. Let’s take a look.

1) You park outside your two-car garage.

If you have three vehicles, one has to stay outside. If you have one vehicle and it’s parked outside because you have no room in the garage, there’s a problem. Get organized. Store the clutter. Move the junk and free up the space.

2) Can’t find your tools.

A garage is a place to store tools and equipment. You KNOW you have that 9/16ths wrench somewhere. If you can’t find the stuff when you need it, it’s past time to get organized. Shelves, cabinets, custom closets and racks will let you put stuff away and find it immediately.

3) Parkour.

Parkour is an intense exercise involving running an obstacle course, climbing things, going under things, squeezing between two things and more. If that sounds like what you have to do in your garage, then you definitely are in need of organization

4) You can’t see the floor.

If archeologists want to excavate your garage for signs for a former civilization, then you need to get organized. Seriously though, if you can’t see the floor, you have no idea what’s down there. You store chemicals of all kinds in the garage. Some may have spilled. You need to know what’s happening on the floor.

5) You hide the garage from people.

If your garage looks like a sweeps-week episode of Hoarders and you are ashamed to let anyone see inside, then you need to get organized. Closets, shelves, racks, ceiling-mounted suspension hooks and other storage space can help you tame the beast.

If your garage is more disaster area than garage contact Anthony’s Closets and we’ll tell you what we can do to help.