Customize Mirror
If you are getting ready to decorate your house and you want to use custom cut mirrors, here are a few tips from the experts at Anthony’s Closets Shower Doors and More.

DO – use large mirrors in small rooms.

Mirrors make the space look bigger than it is. In a small room, this is a very good idea. If you can, place the mirror so it reflects light either from a window or from installed lighting. This spreads light through the room.

DO – make mirrors a focal point.

Mirrors dress up the space. In addition to reflecting light, they reflect other things. Full-length mirrors are pretty much a requirement for places like a dressing room and large closets. You need that big reflection to check your appearance before you head out.

DO – use mirrors in the hall.

Hall mirrors make the space look bigger. It’s also a good place to stop and check your appearance, especially if the mirror is in the hall leading to a door going outside. Halls can be dark places. Mirrors take away the tiny bit of gloom, If you hang pictures in the hall, then the reflections can make the hanging photos even more interesting.

DON’T – place custom mirrors at random around the room.

A mirror that reflects something worth seeing is well-placed. A mirror that reflects the corner of a room where there’s nothing to see is an annoyance. If the mirror reflects a pile of clutter, even worse. Hold the mirror in place and have someone else walk around checking what it reflects before you commit to hanging it.

DON’T – put a lot of mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom.

Mirrors in the kitchen are distracting. You don’t need your attention diverted when you are chopping vegetables or cutting meat. When you are cooking, you don’t need something that draws your attention away from the stove. Mirrors in the bedroom are not necessary, except for a dressing mirror that does not reflect the bed. You don’t need to see your reflection when you sit up in bed. It could be startling in the middle of the night.

DON’T – put mirrors on the ceiling.

Uh, just don’t. The 1970s were three decades ago and you are not running a cheap motel.

For more information about mirrors, including professional help with installation, contact Anthony’s Closets.