Garage Flooring
If you want to lay down an epoxy coat for the floor of your garage, here are few garage flooring tips you need to know before you start spending money.

1) Protection.

The floor needs to be prepped with muriatic (hydrochloric) acid. Do you have protective gear? You need acid-resistant gloves and heavy duty eye protection. You’ll probably need some other protective gear too because you don’t want acid splashing onto bare skin.

You need some kind of breathing protection. Even if you leave the garage door wide open, you have to protect your lungs. Acid vapors can damage your insides. The respirators from big box stores may be enough, then again, they may not be.

If you plan to grind down the surface, you need protective gear again. Concrete dust has silica that will contribute to lung disease. Prolonged exposure causes serious respiratory problems.

2) Building codes.

Are you meeting the local building code requirements? Do you need permits? Does it have to be inspected? Most places allow homeowners to do some work without permits or licenses.

3) Disposal

Once you’ve got the floor prepped, you have the stripped materials. This is called slurry when it is wet. Dump it? That’s potentially illegal. If you used an acid to strip the floor, the debris might have heavy metals. Simply throwing those down the drain could be a federal offense.

4) Cost

Any time you do something major to the house, you have to look at how it affects resale value. Is a new garage floor worth the investment of time and money? Is it going to make the value of your house go up by at least what you put into it?

Need help answering these questions? We’re here. Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to come out and tell you what we’d charge to redo the floor and what you can expect from our work.