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The kitchen is a focal point for a home. It’s where food is cooked. Big kitchens also have a dining space, making the room even more important. Anthony’s Closets has a few ideas on how to make your kitchen even better.

  • Get lit

Spotlight strategic areas of the kitchen. Lights over the sink and the stove are important. A light over the main table is also important.

  • Be an island

If you have room, a kitchen island is a great idea. Done right, it can have shelves on each end for cookbooks and appliances. Custom Closets and drawers along the sides provide more space. If your home allows, you can put a sink and a grill surface in the island too.

  • More shelves

Wall-mount shelves can fit into narrow spaces. They will hold plates, cups and dishes. It keeps dishes at ready hand, but also out of the way. Moveable shelves allow you to adjust the space as needed.

  • Creative backsplash

A backsplash at the sink and stove doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative with a tile pattern. Glass tiles are heat resistant so you can put them at the back of your cooking surfaces without worrying about heat damage.

  • Garage it

Keep appliances, the microwave, toaster and other things handy, but out of the way in an alcove behind a garage door. The door swings open and there it is. Close the door and it’s out of sight. It cuts clutter too.

  • Hutches

A hutch is an elegant way to have storage space and be creative at the same time. It keeps things handy, but also out of the way.

  • Pie safe

Talk about creative, attractive and functional, a pie safe does all three and more. A traditional storage cabinet to let pies cool off and keep flies away, today’s pie safes are often a work of art that is welcome any kitchen.

Anthony’s Closets Shower Doors and More has plenty of ideas to make your kitchen become exactly what you want it to be.