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Elements To Consider When Looking At Custom Lockers

If you need custom lockers, think about what you want. A row of plain metal lockers might be all right for a high school field house, but is that […]

Four Reasons Why Custom Lockers Are A Good Idea

Lockers are for more than gyms and health clubs. Any place that has a lot of people who need to store personal effects needs lockers. Any place that sees […]

Storage Lockers for Gyms Country Clubs And Health Clubs

Health clubs have been around for millennia. They were called gyms in the beginning. Calling it a health club is a recent innovation. Country clubs are another modern name […]

Mirror ideas – Part 3

Rules for hanging mirrors

If you are going to hang some mirrors around the house, then you need to pay attention to how and what they will reflect. The frame […]

Mirror Ideas – Part 2

• Backsplash

A mirror is glass with a reflective coating on the back side. It makes a perfect waterproof splash guard. It wipes down easily. It won’t stain. It can […]

Modern Mirror Ideas For Your Home – Part 1

Mirrors should be more than just a place to stare vacantly when you get up in the morning. Mirrors can add a lot to a home if done properly.

Here […]

Bathroom Renovation Tips

A bathroom should be a place that’s more just a place to shower, shave and attend Mother Nature’s calls.

A good bathroom is a place where you can let stress […]

Small Closet Design – Three Good Tips

There are not many people who have a closet the size of an apartment, and chances are you are not one of those people.  If you are, go check […]

Small Bathroom, Big Ideas

Small spaces present the biggest remodeling challenges. Small bathrooms present the biggest problems of all.

Think about what goes into a bathroom. The three basics are: a sink, a shower/tub […]

3 More Tips For A Closet This Holiday Season

There are two kinds of people at holidays.  There are those who host parties and those who attend parties.  If you are one of the first sorts, reading this […]

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