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Simple Ways On Keeping Unique Custom Closet

January is the time for new resolutions and promises.  This year, resolve to be honest with yourself above all else.  Keeping most of those resolutions is tough, and many […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 19 – 21

This is it; this is the last of the New Year’s tips.  These last three are going to represent a total of 21 different ideas and concepts you can […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 16 – 18

Welcome back to our New Year’s installment of closet cleaning.  By now, you have had several opportunities to read.  It is a strong hope you have at least started […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 13 – 15

Believe it or not, we are over halfway through the tips.  By now you should have a solid idea of what you want to do with your affordable closet and […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 10 – 12

Welcome back to our multi-part blog series on cleaning out your affordable closet for the New Year.  If you have not read from the beginning, it is a good […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 7 – 9

Now you have been through the most traumatic parts of the New Year’s closet work, let’s move on to the next few tips.  This is a set of a […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 4 – 6


Did you read the first set?  If not, it is a good idea to start there.  This is a series of blogs that will cover cleaning the custom closet […]

Unique Custom Closet Cleaning Tips 1 – 3

Admit it.  You are going to make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions.  We all do.  Chances are, however, that almost 80 percent of those resolutions will not make […]

Six Things To Know About Walk-in Showers Without Doors

1) Custom made

A walk-in shower is custom order almost all the time. It requires planning to make it happen because the water has to be contained and kept away […]

5 Things To Know Before Doing A Shower Remodel

A good shower should be more than a place to get clean. It should be a place to relax and unwind, letting the hot water jet away the stress […]

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