Angela Barringer

Angela Barringer

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Phone Number: (770) 608-0804

Working Full time

Area(s) service in region:  National

Primary Focus: Builder

Favorite thing or project type to sell: Custom Closets, Upgrades

Design Style: If working on a custom project, I like to discuss the utilitarian use versus the “looks” quality.

Personal Interests: Personally, I have an interest in boating, hiking, skeet shooting and golf. In the night life, I find pleasure in discovering a dive restaurant with live music!

Favorite project done in Anthony’s Closets: I have begun working with a Builder that has allowed me to walk his models and decide how best to accommodate shelving, showers, mirrors and bath accessories. I do not work off his plans, he appreciates my professional decisions as to appropriately place the products along with finishes and designs. Recently, I noticed a model that his former vendor did some “under par” work…such as un-leveled product placement. The install crew that was with me offered to fix the leveling right away even though it was not our job. I sent pictures to my builder of the corrected work, and he was more than enthused to see that we would go that far, free of charge!

Favorite part of the job: Networking, Builder relationships

Like to do when not working: I have another job in the Fashion industry, I enjoy buying and selling boutique apparel for Trade Shows.

LinkedIn Profile:

The best thing about working at Anthony’s Closets: The best virtue about working for Anthony’s, I have team support across the nation. There are talented individuals from office assistants to project managers and estimators that are happy to assist with any myriad of complications that come along with our division of construction.

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