custom closet organizers
Welcome back and welcome 2016!  This is going to be a great year for you and your stuff.  We are looking at ways to keep our cozy closet clean and neat.  This blog is going to concentrate on the most difficult of decisions you will make in your closet – the get one/lose one idea.

In the last blog, we mentioned flipping hangers backwards for items you don’t wear on a regular basis.  Chances are this will work, but there are going to be some items that is simply too hard to let go of.  This is normal.  Take those items out of the custom closet cabinets and hide them elsewhere in the house.  Forget about that item.  If you can live without it, you are in good shape to get rid of the item.  If you can’t, go back and get the item and put back in the closet.  Here are other solid tips to consider.

  1. Keep things that fit – Yes; I have clothes I can wear when I lose 10 lbs. Why hold onto something old if this is the case? Get rid of clothes that do not fit.  Lose the weight and get new clothes instead! This will make you feel better about losing weight and getting trim.  Do the same thing with fat clothes.
  1. Purge at the end of the season – Some warmer climates, and if this winter is any clue, you know what I mean, have little seasonal wear. Consider purging at the end of the season, carefully, as some items will not be appropriate for others. Those who are moving to a new climate need to wait until getting there to buy new.  A jacket for Florida is grossly inadequate for Chicago’s winters.
  1. Be honest with your clothes – Most of the time, you will be wearing comfort clothes. In fact, the vast majority of your day is in pjs/workout wear and t-shirts. There is no need to have three business suits if you only wear one on an irregular basis.  Chose one; purge the other.  Repeat with other items.

Honesty is the best policy.  The same needs to be applied to your clothes and closet.  The last thing you want is for your closet to get completely out of control again and have to start over from scratch.

Come back again to see what else we have to say about the new year!